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Junk Removal

Who doesn’t appreciate a helping hand when it comes to a clean-up job? We at Hauling Solutions understand that conducting any cleanup project alone can be overwhelming. We realize that you have many options and methods to choose from when removing your debris, so we thank you for considering us. We offer the following solution: our experienced staff will come to your location, you specify what needs to go and our friendly crew will proceed with removing your unwanted items. We fill it and remove it. Due to various different job complexities, some companies prefer not to give quotes over the phone. However, our prices are listed below. In some situations, customers may underestimate the amount of debris they have or the amount of help they require. In these cases we are ready to call for additional crew members should such a situation arise.

The capacity on our trucks can hold approximately 15 cubic yards.
Measurements are approximately 12'L x 8'W x 4'H.



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